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This is my blog about my interest in ABDL and i love girls in diapers and cute things. i'm straight and a 20 year old male who is loving and caring and nice and kind and i hope to make alot of abdl friends on here:)
The photos and videos and stuff i post i do not take credit for but its stuff i like so enjoy:) diapers,anime,church,God,girls. I would love to make some ABDL friends:)I love my mommy Alyssa so much^…^. I have the best daddy in the world:)

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Playing around in my corset. It matched my nappy! :)

-Princess PeePants



How to become a perfect little/ babygirl!

I bet a lot of you wondered, how to be the perfect, most appealing and cutest babygirl/boy ever, and since I am a master at this, is will now teach you, how!

Step 1: Cuteness
You may have wondered, how some of us get so incredibly cute, because being cute is such an important trait in our community. It’s actually pretty easy. To become really cute, do the following things: Brush you hair, put on the clothes you feel most adorable in, sit down on the floor with a stuffie and smile. Done. Now you’re cute. There are other ways to become cute, if this didn’t work for you: Take a nice shower, using your favourite shower gel or shampoo, put a towel around your hip or chest, put yourself in front at a mirror and realize how freaking adorable you are. Or: Take a nap, wake up with fuzzy hair and drink something of your choice. Tada, now you’re cute.
If you need more tips on how to become a cute person easily, just ask away!

Step 2: The perfect body
Are you feeling too thin, too chubby, too normal, too adult? I will help you achieve the perfect body for being a little/ babygirl/-boy.
First: Make sure to drink 1,5 - 2 Liter of water or unsugared tea each day. Don’t be upset if you fail at this sometimes, because so do I. Failing is part of our cuteness, mentioned in ‘Step 1: Cuteness’.
Second: Eat at least one healthy thing a day. A tomato, or an apple, some homemade soup or anything else you like, that’s fresh and not full of sugar.
Third: Look at yourself the way you look at other people. Do you scan their skin for imperfections? Do you poke at their bones or bodyfat? Do you think they are disgusing? No. Most people you see, look perfectly fine to you. And guess what, so do you.
Fourth: Done. Once you realized that, you have achieved the perfect body and everyone will start to ask you, how you got such an amazing outer appearance :D

Step 3: Behaviour
This is a more tricky thing, because behaviour depends on what age you represent and what you feel like at that day, but I will try to make this easy for you:
Age 1-5: If you feel like using a diaper, cool for you. But you’re just as amazing, if you don’t. You hate pacifiers? That’s no problem, nobody has to use them, but if you do, that’s so sweet as well. Babylanguage is not eveyones cup of tea, but guess what? You are an adorable baby, no matter how or if you speak. Stuffies are annoying? No problem, just don’t use one. Can’t go without carrying at least 5 of them? That’s awesome, too!
Age 5-9: Your tutu is blue, eventhough you’re a girl and girls are supposed to wear pink? No. You’re adorable, no matter what color. Oh and you are also still allowed to use a diaper, paci and bottle, if this is, what suits your personality best. If you’re too old for all that jizz jazz, that’s pretty cool too, by the way. And no, you don’t have to be a sassy little one, in order to get all the love from your other half, you can feel and be whatever you want to, because as long as you are happy, we are happy.
Age 10-however old you are: You identify as a middle, you listen to punk music, you use lipstick, but underneath your really short skirt is a hidden diaper? That’s alright! It’s also perfectly fine for you to hate bottles, or to love them, to find pacis inappropiate, or to suck on them whenever you can. But please keep in mind: You have to be yourself. If you can not be yourself, how are things going to work?

Yes, this was all very complicated, so I’ll give you a very short version of all 3 Steps:
Do whatever the fuck you want.

And tada, now you’ve become the perfect little!
Hope this helped :D



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